Shipboard Surveys & Inspections

Cargo Quantity Surveys
  • Draft Surveys for Bulk Cargoes
  • Tally for Containers and Bagged Cargo

Cargo Quality Surveys

  • Cargo Damage Assessment
  • Cargo Insurance Inspections

Vessel Condition Assessment & Survey

  • Flag State Inspections for Marshall Islands/ Barbados
  • Pre-purchase Assessments
  • Pre/Post Charter Assessments
  • Condition Survey
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys and Bunker Investigations
  • Safety Audits and Survey
  • Pre-finance Inspections

Shore Based Surveys and Inspections

  • Container Stuffing and De-stuffing Inspections
  • Ware-house Tallies
  • Weighbridge Supervision
  • P & I Surveys
  • H&M Surveys
  • EHS Approved ( Dubai Port) – Permit to work – Hot work and Gas Free Permit

Cargo Logistics Management

Cargo Management to/fro Vessel – Loading and Discharging

  • Vessel Selection /Stowage/Stability planning
  • Management & Supervision of Carting/Warehousing in port
  • Loading and Discharge Supervision

Port Captaincy and Cargo Expediting 

Miscellaneous and Offshore Services

  • Certification for Towage
  • On/Off Hire Survey
  • Suitability Surveys for OSV and Crew Boats
  • Safety and Accident Investigation
  • Gas Free and Hot Work Certification for Repairs
  • Dry Dock Supervision
  • Quality Documentation for Companies
  • EHS – Dubai Port Permit to Work
  • Expert Marine Witness in Court
  • Consultancy Services for Charter Party Disputes
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Consultancy Services in Cases involving Death on Board including repatriation of mortal remains
  • Consultancy Services in the case of Stowaways on board
  • Consultancy Services in dealing with Local authorities in UAE
  • Specialists in dealing with Steel Cargoes
  • Specialists in dealing with Grain Cargoes
  • Project Cargoes Supervision – Loading / Securing, Discharging and Measurement
  • Warranty Surveys